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What is PT&ME?

PT&ME is a Personal Training platform for health professionals wishing to connect with clientele in their local area. Trainers list a biography image of themselves and their services for clientele to view. Clients either contact their desired Trainer directly by the provided contact button, or submit a booking request which is sent out to the Trainers within the vicinity of the clients location.

How does PT&ME work?

When a booking request is made via the PT&ME website submission box, all listed businesses within a radius of the clients submitted location receive a text & email with the clients location and preferred times/days for training. Trainers who are available reply to this confirming they are free and are then given more details to be able to contact the client. Trainers contact the client to introduce themselves, find out their goals and confirm where the session will take place. Payments, receipts, follow ups, future bookings etc. are all then managed through the PT&ME app. Trainers however do construct their own programs for sessions and are responsible in bringing their own equipment if needed. 

Sessions are divided by a 70/30 percent split. 70% to the Trainer and 30% to PT&ME. All on going marketing, software and website fees are paid for by PT&ME, leaving the Trainer to only focus on taking the training sessions. 

The biggest benefit with PT&ME is working on your own terms! As a connection platform, Trainers manage their own available days, hours and locations. All PT&ME does is set the listed businesses location and connect them with clientele in the area. This means no 9-5 or standing around a health centre floor waiting for your next potential customer to walk through the door! Some businesses use PT&ME every day, where others just try to fill the few hours between existing clients/commitments in their working week. You have the flexibility to work WHEN you want and WHERE you want without the added costs of expensive gym rental fees.

Next steps for PT&ME?

The demand from our clients is really strong right now, so we’re currently enjoying the growth that this is bringing, however a kay priority for us is finding enough Personal Trainers to match with our clients. We’re also looking to expand into new locations in other states & territories around Australia. It’s definitely an exciting time to be apart of PT&ME!